Sunday, December 22, 2019

Czech Citizenship Exam: Nature and Landscape

Here are the 10 study questions for the Czech Citizenship exam from section 18: Nature and Landscape. 

1.  Which of these places is not on the UNESCO World Heritage List?

Karlštejn Castle.

2.  Which national park is located in Moravia?

Podyjí National Park.

3.  There are several important winter sports centres in the Czech Republic.  Which of these places is known as a winter sports centre?

Špindlerův Mlýn.

4.  Mrs. Svobodová wants to go on holiday to Moravia and wants to visit the mountains there.  Where will she go?

To the Beskydy Mountains.  

5. Lipno is the largest dam reservoir in the Czech Republic.  In which part of the Czech Republic is it located?

In southern Bohemia.

6.  Memorial Mountain of Bohemia is located in the Ústí and Labem region near Roudnice nad Labem.  What is this mountain called?


7.  Mr. Novák wants to go on a trip to the castle, which was built by Charles IV for the Crown Jewels.  Which monument does he want to visit?


8.  Which UNESCO-listed city is located in Southern Bohemia?

Český Krumlov.

9.  What is the name of the highest mountain range in Moravia?


10.  Which spa town is located in Central Bohemia?


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