Saturday, May 3, 2014

Charles IV

Charles IV was the King of Bohemia and of the Holy Roman Empire.  He lived from 1316 to 1378.  He was born Václav (Wenceslas) but took the name Karl (Charles) when he inherited his crown.

He was quite well educated in France and could speak Latin, Czech, German, French and Italian fluently.

In 1347, he was crowned King of Bohemia.  In 1349 he became King of the Romans and in 1355 he became the King of Italy and then the Holy Roman Emperor.  That's a lot to be king of.
Charles IV statue in Praha

During his reign, Prague became the capital of the Holy Roman Empire.  His name is everywhere...Charles University, Charles Bridge, Charles Square...

Czechs consider him to the "Father of the Country".  He even appears on the 100 Kč banknote ($5).

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