Sunday, December 22, 2019

Czech Citizenship Exam: Business

Here are the 10 study questions for the Czech Citizenship exam from section 16: Business.  With the 10 questions from this section and the previous 14 sections, this is one-half of the 300 possible questions I could be asked.  I wonder how many Czechs could answer all of these?

1.  Mr Novák is a self-employed person (OSVČ).  What is his income called?

Příjmy ze samostatné činnosti - Revenue from independent activities.

2.  Which of these four jobs is not a trade?  

Police service, hairdressing services, guide services, private detective services.

Police service is not a trade.

3.  An entrepreneur founded a company.  What tax does he have to register with the tax office?

K dani z příjmů - Income tax.

4.  Which insurance must an employer pay for his employees in the Czech Republic?

Zdravotní pojištění - health insurance.

5.  Mr. Novák is the owner of a clothing store.  Which authority issued a business permit to Mr. Novák?

Živnostenský úřad - Trade Licensing Office.

6.  Mr. Malý decided to do business as a room painter.  He asked the authorities to issue him a trade license.  How much did he pay for registering a trade?

1.000 Kč.

7.  Mrs. Malá is a translator.  She obtained a trade license, registered with the tax office and with a health insurance company.  Where does Mrs. Malá still have to register?

Na správě sociálního zabezpečení - at the social security administration.

8.  What is the name of the profit tax paid by state entrepreneurs?

Daň z příjmů fyzických a právnických osob - Personal and corporate income tax.

9.  An entrepreneur applied for a concession in order to operate a travel agency.  At which authority will the entrepreneur register and be issued an extract?

Živnostenský úřad - Trade Licensing Office.

10.  What document does a citizen need to perform a free trade?

Výpis ze živnostenského rejstříku - an extract from the trade register.

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