Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Czech Citizenship Exam: Customs & Traditions

Here are 10 possible questions and answers I need to study for the Czech Citizenship exam.  This is from section 1: Customs and Traditions.

These are the questions in English however the exam will only be in Czech.  

1.  What day is the start of the Czech calendar?  

The 1st of January.

2.  What is the name of the pre-Christmas holiday season?


3.  An Easter egg is an egg that is dyed and decorated.  When do women and girls give Easter eggs to men?

At Easter - Velikonoce.

4.  Which national holiday is celebrated in the Czech Republic in autumn?

The Struggle for Freedom and Democracy Day.

5.  Good Friday is a holiday that commemorates the death of Jesus Christ.  Which holiday season does Good Friday belong to?


6.  The memory of the deceased is popularly called Dušičky in the Czech Republic.  It is a day when, according to Czech tradition, graves are decorated with flowers, candles are lit and the dead are remembered.  What time of year is this holiday celebrated?

In the autumn.

7.  What food is usually eaten in the Czech Republic for Christmas Eve dinner?

Fried carp.

8.  On what day do Czechs usually give Christmas presents?

24th December.

9.  According to tradition, who brings presents for Christmas in the Czech Republic?

Ježíšek - Baby Jesus.

10.  Which holiday ends the Christmas season?

The Three Kings.

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