Saturday, December 14, 2019

Czech Citizenship Exam: Education

Here are the 10 study questions for the Czech Citizenship exam from section 4: education.

1.  In what month does the school year begin for primary schools in the Czech Republic.


2.  Which of these institutions provides pre-school education for children?

Mateřská škola - elementary school  

3. How  many years does compulsory schooling last in the Czech Republic?

9 years.

4.  When do primary and secondary school pupils in the Czech Republic have the main holiday?

In July and August.

5.  Mrs. Svobodová's daughter finished her studies with a state final exam and defence of her diploma thesis.  Which school did she just graduate from?

Vysokou školu - college/university

6.  Mr. and Mrs. Svoboda have four children.  Alena is 4 years old, Jan is 10 years old, Ivan is 19 years old, and Tereza is 21 years old.  Which child has compulsory schooling?


7.  Who in the Czech Republic determines where a child will go to for primary school?

The parents.

8. At  which school did Ing. Petra Novotná obtain her highest education?


9.  What is the name of the secondary school that provides general education?

Gymnázium - a high school

10.  Which school offers the "Maturita" school-leaving examination?

Střední školy - high school.

Czech School System (Simplified)

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