Monday, December 23, 2019

Czech Citizenship Exam: Socioeconomic Background

Here are the 10 study questions for the Czech Citizenship exam from section 22:  Socioeconomic Background.

1.  In which region is the Temelín nuclear power plant?

In the South Bohemia Region.

2.  Which of these cities connects the D1 motorway?

Prague and Brno.

3.  What is the name of the famous Czech company that makes pianos?


4.  Traditional brands of trucks are manufactured in Kopřivnice.  What is this brand called?


5.  Which brewery produces Pilsner Urquell beer?

Plzeňský Prazdroj.

6. Hops are an important raw material for beer production.  Where are hops grown?

Around the town of Žatec.

7.  Which of these materials is mined in the Czech Republic?

Brown coal.

8.  Which power plants produce the most electricity in the Czech Republic?


9.  Which brand of cars is manufactured in Mladá Boleslav?


10.  The traditional Czech brand is Becherovka.  In which city is this alcoholic beverage produced?

In Karlovy Vary.

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