Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Czech Citizenship Exam: Elections

Here are the 10 study questions for the Czech Citizenship exam from section 8: Elections. 

1.  To which institution of the European Union do Czech citizens elect their representatives?

The European Parliament.

2.  How often are regular municipal elections held?

Once every four years.

3.  At what age can a citizen of the Czech Republic become a mayor?

From 18 years.

4.  Who is the highest representative of the region?

Hejtman - the Governor.

5.  Who is the highest representative of the capital city of Prague?

Primátor - the Mayor.

6.  Which institutions can citizens of the Czech Republic elect their representatives?  And which can they not?

Czech citizens can elect representatives to the Senate, the Chamber of Deputies, and to the municipal council.  They can not elect representatives to the government.

7.  Citizens voted on whether their municipal office would build a new town hall in the village.  What is the name of this citizens' vote?

A local referendum.

8.  Mr. Novák is a citizen of the Czech Republic and has come to the elections.  With which document will he prove his identity and citizenship of the Czech Republic to the election commission?

Občanským průkazem - ID card.

9.  In January 2018, the Czechs elected the president fo the Czech Republic by direct election.  How long after the last presidential election will the next due date of the presidential election be?

In five years.  

10.  From what age is a citizen of the Czech Republic able to vote?

From 18 years of age.

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