Friday, December 20, 2019

Czech Citizenship Exam: Basic Legal Terms, Administrative and Criminal Law

Here are the 10 study questions for the Czech Citizenship exam from section 9: Basic Legal Terms, Administrative and Criminal Law. 

1.  Which of the following sentences about citizenship of the Czech Republic is true?

The application for citizenship of the Czech Republic must be submitted in person.

2.  Which authority issues a new identity card to citizens of the Czech Republic?

Municipal office or district office.

3.  Mrs. Nováková bought a dog and therefore has to fulfil certain obligations.  What must Mrs. Nováková do and what does she not have to do?

She does not have to provide dog training.  However, she must secure the chip for the dog, register the dog at the municipal office, and reimburse any damage caused by the dog.  

4.  In which case does Ms. Nováková have to apply for a new identity card?

After changing her surname, after changing the place of permanent residence, and after the expiry of the identity card.

5.  Which behaviour is a crime?

Mr. Novák caused a car accident, did not help the injured driver and drove away from the accident.

6.  Mr. Novotný is a citizen of the Czech Republic and has lost his passport.  Where can he apply for a new passport?

At the municipal office.

7.  Which of these authorities can issue a certificate that a citizen does not have a criminal record?

Criminal Registry.

8.  Which of the following authorities can verify the signature in a written document?

Municipal office.

9.  Stamps are used to pay administrative fees at government offices.  Which of these institutions sells stamps?

Czech Post.

10.  According to the law, juveniles also have criminal liability.  Which of these people is a juvenile?

David, who is 17 years old. 

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