Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Czech Citizenship Exam: Transportation

Here are the 10 study questions for the Czech Citizenship exam from section 2:  transportation.   

1.  Which of the following is not part of public transportation?

Taxis are not part of the public transportation system.  The metro, trams, and busses are.

2.  Mrs. Svobodová rides her bicycle to work.  In which situation does she break the rules of the road?

a) She rides her bike on the sidewalk. - Against the law.

b) She rides the bike on the right side of the road.

c) She rides her bike in a row behind her colleague.

d) She rides her bike and gives a hand signal to change the direction of travel.

3.  Mr. Svoboda wants to drive a car.  What type of driver's license does he need?

Driver's license type B.

4.  How many alcoholic beers can a driver drink according to the law while driving a car in Czech Republic?


5. Which means of transportation has priority over a pedestrian at a crossing?


6.  What is mandatory car insurance called?

Povinné ručení - Liability

7.  Who is obliged by law to wear clothes with reflective elements?  

A person who goes out of the village at night by road.

8.  How does a child smaller than 150 cm have to travel in a car?

The child must sit restrained in a child car seat.

9.  From what age can children ride a bicycle on the road without the supervision of other people?

From age 10.

10.  Which of the following is piece of mandatory equipment of a car?

First-aid kit.

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