Saturday, January 9, 2016

New Road Rules

There are some new road rules that take effect in Czechland on 20 February 2016.

A reflector on my backpack
Pedestrians must wear reflective elements that are visible to other road users when on a roadside or shoulder outside an urban area where there is reduced visibility or no street lighting.  So everyone is buying reflector bands and putting them on their backpacks or purses.

You can't drive a vehicle that has dirt, frost, or snow on it that obstructs the driver's view either to the front, side or behind the driver.  You also can't drive a vehicle that has ice on it or on its cargo that could endanger traffic on the road if released.

A driver can not endanger a cyclist crossing a road on a crossing for cyclists.  Cyclists now have a similar "right of way" on crossings for cyclists to pedestrians on pedestrian crossings.

Cyclists are allowed to use the entire width of the road in a cycle zone.  Cyclists must allow motor vehicles to drive in a cycle zone and drivers may not go faster than 30 km per hour.

When pulled over by a police officer, if a dangerous defect is found on the vehicle, (or a trailer being pulled), that threatens public safety then then police officer will confiscate the vehicle's certificate of registration.  The police officer will issue a confiscation document to the driver.

If a driver fails to stop when directed by an authorised person regulating traffic or supervising road safety, then the driver will lose his or her license from one to six months.

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