Sunday, January 3, 2016

Wrist Update

So here's the update on my wrist injury.  The good news is that I don't have carpal tunnel.  It did turn out to just be a tragic (drunk) potato sack race accident.

I saw the neurologist and she said that it wasn't carpal tunnel.  So she referred me to an orthopedist who was able to see me the same day.  I had a slew of new x-rays taken and he said that I had some soft tissue damage.  Too much vodka before the potato sack race I guess.  I was prescribed 10 sessions with a physical therapist, located in the same building, who was able to fit me in 10 minutes later.

Everything turned out fine.  My wrist is completely healed.  The medical care I received was top drawer.  I had a few office visits, several x-rays, and multiple physical therapy sessions and it didn't cost me a single penny.  Love socialised health care!!  In the USA, even with insurance, all of this would have still cost me several hundred dollars.

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