Sunday, December 22, 2019

Czech Citizenship Exam: Employment

Here are the 10 study questions for the Czech Citizenship exam from section 15: Employment. 

1.  Ms. Novotná has the following information on her payslip:

How many crowns will she get into her account?

15 850 Kč

2.  When is the employee entitled to paid leave?  And when not?

When the employee has a wedding, when he or she goes to the doctor with their sick child, or when going to a funeral of a close family member.  Paid leave is not given when an employee is moving.

3.  According to the law, what must be in the employment contract?

Place of work.

4.  According to the law, the minimum wage is the lowest possible wage of an employee.  What is the current minimum monthly wage in the Czech Republic?

14 600 Kč.

5.  Mr. Novák has a full-time job.  How many hours a week does he have to work by law?

40 hours.

6.  Which law or code regulates the relationship between employer and employee?

Zákoník práce - Labour Code.

7.  Mr. Novák entered into a fixed-term employment relationship with Stavby, s.r.o.  How long can this new employment last without extension?

3 years.  

8.  Mrs. Nováková has a new job.  She will work as a saleswoman.  She obtained an employment contract for an indefinite period with a maximum probationary period.  According to the law, what will be the length of Mrs. Nováková's probationary period?

3 months.

9.  According to the law, what is the length of the weekly working time in the Czech Republic?

40 hours.

10.  Pan Novák is employed as a car mechanic and works 40 hours a week.  How long is Mr. Novák entitled to holiday leave in the calendar year?

4 weeks per year.

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