Saturday, December 21, 2019

Czech Citizenship Exam: Social Security

Here are the 10 study questions for the Czech Citizenship exam from section 14: Social Security. 

1.  Which authority provides unemployment benefits?

Úřad práce - Labour Office.

2.  Mr. Novotný is 62 years old and will soon retire.  What is the name of the office where he can apply for a retirement pension?

Česká správa sociálního zabezpečení - Czech Social Security Administration.  

3.  Mr. Novotný lives alone and has an insufficient income.  At which office will Mr. Novotný apply for a living allowance and a housing supplement?

Úřad práce - Labour Office.

4.  Mr. Novák works in a construction company and is currently ill.  He does not receive a salary, but a cash benefit.  What is this dose called?

Nemocenská - Sick leave.

5.  Mrs. Svobodová is employed by a bank.  She is ill and receives a disability from the doctor (proof of temporary incapacity for work).  To whom will she hand over the sick note?

Zaměstnavateli - employers.

6.  Material deprivation is a situation where a person cannot secure basic living conditions for various reasons.  Which social benefits are among the assistance in material need?  What is not?

A child allowance is not a benefit for material deprivation.  Benefits include a housing supplement, a subsistence allowance, and emergency immediate assistance.

7.  Mr Novák is 56 years old and is unemployed.  What is the longest period for which he can receive unemployment benefits?

11 months.

8.  Mrs. Nováková works as a primary school teacher and is expecting her first child.  She is 3 weeks before giving birth.  What cash benefit can she receive before the birth of the child?

Mateřskou - Maternity.

9.  Mr. and Mrs. Svoboda work in an office and Mrs. Svoboda is expecting a child.  Who can get parental leave?

The mother and/or the father.  

10.  Mrs. Nováková was registered for unemployment at the labour office.  She started working yesterday. What method of notification will terminate her inclusion on the unemployment register?

She informs the labour office about the new job.

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