Friday, January 26, 2018


So here's the deal.  On 12-13 January, Czechs went to the polls to elect a president.  In order to run for president a candidate needs either 50,000 signatures from the public, 10 signatures from senators or 20 MP signatures from the Chamber of Deputies, plus file applications at least 66 days prior to the election.  Of the nine qualified candidates, none won enough votes so the top two finishers face each other in a run off election this week.

The two candidates are the incumbent President, Miloš Zeman, and Jiří Drahoš, the former President of the Czech Academy of Sciences.

I don't get a vote but I'd definitely prefer Drahoš.  Anyway, Zeman supporters left this flyer in my mailbox today.
Stop Immigration and Drahoš supporters.  This country is ours.
Vote Zeman!

Seriously!?!?!  Czechland has population of 10,597,473 people with only 4,95% foreigners.  43,6% of all foreigners come from Slovakia and Ukraine.  The country has only admitted 14 refugees.  So what exactly is the immigration problem?

Update:  Well Zeman won re-election.  President Zeman won with 51,36% of the vote and will remain president until 2023.  Voter turnout was 66% and the entire election came down to a difference of 160,000 votes.

Drahoš took 48.63% of the country.  But in Brno he won 57,58%.

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