Thursday, January 4, 2018

London New Year's Day Parade

The big new year's event in London is the New Year's Day Parade.  The parade consists of over 8,000 performers from across the world.

This year my niece was selected as one of four cheerleaders from her high school to participate in the parade.  This was her first trip to Europe so, of course, Uncle Chris had to go see her.

In between practices, the girls had the opportunity to do quite a bit of London sightseeing including a performance of Wicked.

I did get the chance to take her out to dinner a couple of nights.  I was lucky enough to see her in July so two family visits in the same year is just awesome.  She is growing up to be quite the remarkable young lady and it was so fun to hear what she thought of her first visit to Euroland.

With over 8,000 performers, and packed London streets, I knew that there was little chance to actually see her in the parade.  But it was fun to try.

Next time, she needs to come visit Brno.  

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