Saturday, January 13, 2018

No More Surcharging

Effective today new EU regulations go in to effect and I'm very happy about it.

Now when you pay for something in the EU with either your credit or debit card, the seller is no longer allowed to charge an extra fee.  Yes!  No more surcharging.

Ryanair used to do this and it always pissed me off.  Now they aren't allowed to charge me a fee for paying with my card.  It's about bloody time.

The rule applies to all card purchases, in shops or online, made in any EU country.

American Express or Diners Club cards, or corporate credit cards where the employer is billed can still be charged an extra fee.

Another new rule has to do with direct debits to your bank account.  If you cancel a service but your account is still auto-debited, then you now have the right to have the payment refunded within 8 weeks.

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