Thursday, July 2, 2009

Finally in Brno

Well, I finally made it to Brno yesterday morning after three travel days. I got in to New York at 6 AM but my ČSA flight didn't leave until after 4 PM. But the kicker is that the ČSA ticket counter doesn't open until 12:24 PM. So I had all of my luggage (3 bags - 69 lbs, 67 lbs, & 45 lbs plus 2 carry-ons and a big wool coat) for almost 7 hours. Fortunately, I was in the elite lounge. Highly recommended!

Our plane sat on the runway at JFK for an hour before we took off. Eight hours later and I was in Prague. The flight to Brno is only 35 minutes but it is a real puddle jumper.

Yesterday's goals were to check in to my room, find something to eat, and get caught up on sleep. I did manage to make it to Tesco (a British version of Walmart) to buy an iron.

Here are my immediate impressions of Brno:
1. More humid than I expected but there is a nice breeze.
2. Very cool mix of new & old architecture but way too much graffiti in places.
3. I have to learn Czech. So far, no one speaks English, German, French or Spanish. A couple of cab drivers spoke Russian but they had an attitude about it.
4. People are very coridal on the trams and you always give up your seat to older people and pregnant women.
5. Smoking is everywhere. Even inside the mall at the food court. Good thing I quit.
6. There are some drop dead gorgeous women here. A lot of the men...not so much.
7. May guys here wear capri pants. I don't see myself adopting this trend to fit in.
8. Czech beer rocks!


  1. This is better than the Amazing Race.

  2. Come on...NO CAPRIS??? I can just picture you in those....LOL!