Monday, July 13, 2009

Prádelna (Laundry)

There are only two laundromats in Brno and I found both of them this weekend. One is near Bratislavská street, which I was warned to be careful of because it is a Roma (gypsy) street. I have to admit that the area was very run down and seedy. Not my favorite part of town.

The other is much closer to where I'm staying right now. I stuffed my work clothes in to a backback, jumped on tram #1 and got off at the Hrnčířská stop and walked a block to the prádelna (laundry) at Skřivanova 1. The place is open every day from 2 PM until midnight. You can use their Wi-Fi or have a beer while waiting on your laundry. On Saturday, I opted for the 'leave your clothes' option and went back to pick them up on Sunday. It set me back 155 Kč (about $8.40) for two loads of laundry. But hey, at least I didn't have to wash my work clothes in the bathtub.

They basically take your clothes out of a dryer and throw them in a clothes basket for you to pick up. I stuffed my clean clothes in to my backpack and headed home for some serious ironing. Speaking of which, I found this groovy ironing board for about $30. You plug the iron directly in to the ironing board and the board plugs in to the outlet, kind of like an extension cord. It makes ironing much easier since you have more room to move. It's amazing how little things can make you so happy.

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