Saturday, July 18, 2009

Apartment Hunting

I took a vacation day yesterday so I could meet my real estate agent at 9 am to see some flats. Apparently, he tried Thursday afternoon to call my U.S. cell phone to confirm the appointment. But he never left a message because Czechs do not like voice mail. Since we had not spoken, he cancelled the showings. Ugh!!! Thirty minutes later and he had everything back on and we were off.

We wound up seeing eleven flats and I've got it narrowed down to my top 2 choices. Both would be great, but it will come down to each flat's pluses and minuses and price.

It was pretty easy to cross the others off the list. Way overpriced. The flat was ether not furnished or furnished poorly. The lift (elevator) was a death trap. No view. Horrible kitchen. The previous tenants had worn the place out. Located on top of a gay disco that cranks out the tunes until 6 am. Great for dancing...not so much for peace and quiet.

I will decide this weekend and have the agent set every thing up Monday. I'll post pictures of the winner later.

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