Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Haircut, the Tram Police & Clothes

So it was time to try the haircut thing again. I made an appointment at a place near the city center for 9:30 this morning. While on the tram downtown, a guy got on, said something in Czech, flashed a badge, and everyone starting digging in to their pockets and purses. So I figured that this was one of the infamous tram cops I've heard about. It took just a minute for him to walk through our car and then he went in to the next tram car. That's when the drama started.

A girl had to dig through her purse for a while but she finally found her pass. No problem. But there was a guy who didn't have a ticket or a pass. Big No No!!! The transit cops are authorized to fine you on the spot and it is around $55 U.S. Apparently the guy didn't have the money because the cop took the guy's Ukrainian passport and sat down in the seat next to him. My stop came up and I had to get off the tram. I guess the cop was taking him to jail? I'll have to ask at work on Monday where they take you if you can't pay the transit fine.

Back to the haircut... So I went to a different place but my hair ended up shorter this time than it it did the last time.  Even though it is way shorter I like this cut better than the last one. All for the low price of 200 Kč (~$11). The cut must make me look a bit more local because now I have people trying to hand me flyers in Czech.

After the haircut I decided to check out some clothing stores. This is going to be fun. We have sizes in the U.S. They have different sizes in the UK. Then there are the sizes they use in the rest of Europe. When you pick up a shirt you first try to figure out which size(s) are on the label. I did manage to get a couple of polo shirts on sale that were decent deals. However...what I woudln't do for an Old Navy and a Dillard's. Maybe I was at the wrong mall but clothes, even on sale, were tragically expensive. There is no way I was going to pay over $100 U.S. for a pair of cargo shorts that were on sale. I hear that there are two other big malls here so I'll have to check them out and see what the prices are like.

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