Sunday, July 5, 2009

Božetěchova Studio

Here are some pics of where I'm staying while I look for a flat in Brno. The studio is located on Božetěchova street, pronouced "Bo-zhet-eh-kova". Look at the entrance, my room is the first ground-level balcony on the left.

The vast majority of studios are leased but the landlord keeps a few units available for short-term folks like me. It is very clean & secure, with motion lights, cameras, and the fact that it takes 3 keys to get to my room. One key to get to the lobby (unless some buzzes you in), then another key to get to the rooms on my floor (ground level), then my room key. Better safe than sorry.

When you first enter there is a small landing. On the left is a wardrobe (free-standing closet) and the bed is straight ahead. The bed converts to a couch but who wants to flip it back and forth every day? There is a desk and chair to the left of the bed.
To the left of the doorway is my bathroom. The toilet is kind of groovy because it has two buttons. Depending on how much 'flush' you need, press either the big silver button or the little silver button. As you can shower. Here is the bathtub with a hand shower. Not completely terrible but I'm glad I'll only have to deal with this until I find my flat. And it will have a shower!
On the wall, next to the tub, is a heated towel bar. This I dig. When it's cold, it makes your towels nice and warm. And since I'll probably have to do some laundry in the sink, you can use it to help dry your clothes. I can not wait until I find a laundromat around here.
Here is the bed, nightstand and desk. I've gotten everything put away with the exception of the stuff on the desk. Czechs love their lace curtains so I'm lucky not to have them hanging up here. The door to the balcony is cool - it opens out like a door or it pulls down from the top so it is still secure but open enough to let in a small breeze.
Across from the bed is a dresser, a table and some chairs. Then to the right is the kitchenette.

I've got a 2-burner cooker and a refrigerator. That's the small cabinet on the right, below my iron.

Just your typical small European refrigerator. This is one reason why the big warehouse clubs like Sam's and Costco don't do well over here. There's just not enough space for big, bulky items. No freezer to speak of, but there is enough room so that I can make two trays worth of ice cubes.
I see folks here buy the 1/2 liter bottles of beer. What I don't get is how they fit more than 2 or 3 bottles in the fridge along with anything else? In another episode I'll describe my visits to the grocery store.

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