Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Only 8 More Hours

Well I'm finally on my way. I left out of LAX last night and arrived at JFK early this morning. I'm blogging from the Delta Crown Room because my Czech Airlines flight to Prague doesn't leave for another 8 hours. At least the lounge is a lot more comfortable than the general gate area.

I saw Rev. Al Sharpton in the LAX Crown Room last night. I overheard him on his mobile trying to do something at the Apollo Theater in New York for Michael Jackson. He was going on about how the family was held up in a big house and were not very communicative. Then he was on my flight to JFK - two seats away. He's not as tall as he appears to be on TV.

Anyway...I leave JFK today at 4:15 PM and get in to Prague at 6 AM. I'll have a couple of hours to clear customs before my 9 AM flight to Brno. A short 45 minutes later and I'll be in my new city. My immediate priorities are to get in to my temporary studio flat, buy an iron, open a bank account and figure out the public transportation. Stay tuned for further updates.

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  1. Hi Christopher,

    Im moving to Brno at Oct or Nov from Brazil.
    Wish you good luck and nice posts here till we meet there.

    Best regards,