Monday, June 8, 2009

Getting Ready to Move

The last few days have been busy but I feel as if I've made some progress. Moving definitely provides one with an opportunity to downsize. So far I have about eight bags of clothes to donate to charity. And I'm still not done.

But the best thing I did was get set up with Skype. A subscription is really cheap and so far the call quality has been great. Skype offers what it calls an "Online Number" that allows you to set up a local telephone number. Your family/friends, that don't use Skype, can call the online number and Skype routes the call to you via the Internet. Whoever calls you only has to pay for a local telephone call. And the service comes with voicemail so if you're not available then you can at least get the message. Plus, Skype will e-mail you letting you know you have a message waiting. This will make it a lot easier, and cheaper, to stay in touch with everyone back here. There is now even a Skype status indicator on the right-hand side of this blog that lets people know if I am currently signed in or not. By the way, my local California online number is (909) 509-5799. The CallerID will show up as Ontario, CA.

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