Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Got My Booster

I received my first Covid vaccine in May and six weeks later I received my second vaccine at the end of June.  Now I've been waiting to get my Covid booster shot.  The boosters are rolling out based on age.  

On 2 December I was finally able to register online but then I had to wait to receive my PIN code in order to make an appointment.  Two weeks later I received the code, the day before I headed up to Berlin.  So the day before I left I was able to book an appointment for today which is why I came back to Brno yesterday.

My first vaccines were the Pfizer BioNTech but when I arrived this morning I was told that the recommendation was to mix it up so I received the Moderna booster shot.

Just today the government announced that as of 4 January, all adults regardless of age will be eligible for a booster if it's been at least five months since the second vaccine.  No more having to wait six months.

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