Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Johannes Oerding

Johannes Oerding is a German pop singer/songwriter that's pretty popular in Germany.  Well, he's at least popular enough that I've heard of him and I like his music.  He was born in 1981, in Münster, but now lives in Hamburg.

I believe that he was discovered in 1999 and in 2009 Columbia Records released Erste Wahl as his debut album.  It didn't do that great but it was re-released in 2010 and it hit number 39 on the German charts.  His second album was released in 2011 and debuted at number 11.  His third album came out in 2013, debuting at number 4 and going gold.  One of my favourite of his songs is Einfach nur Weg which was on this album.  Here's the music video that I found on YouTube.

©Johannes Oerding

In 2013, he came in second place in the Bundesvision Song Contest.  Budesvision was the all-Germany version of Eurovision, that ran from 2005 to 2015, and at least 50% of every song had to be in German.

Oerding's fourth album came out in 2015 and it too went Gold after debuting at number three on the chards.  
His 2017 album debuted at number two and went platinum while his 2019 album debuted at number one and went gold.

One of my favourite songs is An guten Tagen which translates to "On good days."  Every time we hear it on the radio, Tünde and I jump up and start dancing around.

What's funny is that in Berlin, where the local dialect is Berlinerisch, quite often the "g" sound becomes a "j".  So when Tünde started signing the song she said "An juten Tachen" which I heard as "An Juden Tagen" and I couldn't understand why she was singing about "On Jewish Days".

Here's the music video that keeps the Munchkin and I jumping up and dancing around like a couple of fools.

©Johannes Oerding

It looks like I'll be back in Berlin in February for a concert.  This evening I found out that Johannes Oerding will be at the Mercedes-Benz Arena on 9 February so I just bought tickets for Claudia, Tünde and I to go.  

Update:  Covid strikes again.  Due to the increasing numbers the concert is cancelled.  Fortunately, the concert was going to be a surprise so Tünde didn't even know about it so at least she wasn't disappointed.  But I am because I was really looking forward to it.

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