Monday, December 27, 2021

2G, 2G+, 3G

In Germany you'll see signs everywhere that say 2G, 2G+, or 3G.  These have nothing to do with Internet speed.  This has to do with the public health requirements for Covid.  

A person has to either be vaccinated, tested or recovered which in German is geimpft, getestet or genesen.  The 3 G's.

3G is the least restrictive.  For entry to a 3G place you have to either be vaccinated, have recovered from Covid, or have a negative test.  A rapid test can't be older than 24 hours.  A PCR test can't be older than 48 hours.

2G means that you have to show proof that you're either fully vaccinated or you are recovered from Covid.  Showing a negative test isn't enough for entry.

2G+ is the most restrictive.  You have to either be fully vaccinated or you are recovered from Covid and you have to show a negative test.  If you've received a booster vaccination then you do not need a test.

I heard that there's now a 2G++ which is vaccinated or recovered with a test and you need a respirator.  This one just seems redundant because it's 2G+ with a mask and you have to wear a mask everywhere in Germany anyway.

The 3G requirement is for public transport, supermarkets, at work, at school, and outdoor events.

The 2G requirement is for hairdressers, beauty salons, retail shops, museums, galleries, libraries, and hotels.

The 2G+ requirement, the most restrictive, is for restaurants, bars, cinemas, clubs, and theatres.

We don't  have this 2G, 3G thing in Czechland and not just because the Czech words don't all start with a "G".  In Czech it would be očkovaný, testovaný, uzdravený.  

In Czechland, since mid-November, negative tests are no longer accepted as sufficient protection from Covid.  You have to be either vaccinated or recently recovered in order to go to pubs, restaurants, hairdressers, theatres, and sporting events.  Right now only about 58% of adults in Czechland are vaccinated.

Austria had the 2G/3G thing before but it's even tougher there.  If you're not vaccinated then you aren't allowed to leave the house except for essential reasons.

Today I had an appointment for a free antigen test in Friedrichshagen.  I don't need it for the train back home tomorrow but I figured that I'd tested and have the test results with me just in case.

It was easy to register online.  I queued up and waited my turn.  I took the test and about 15 minutes later I received an e-mail with a negative test result.

I've been waiting for my booster shot in Czechland. They are rolling them out based on age and I was finally able to register online on 2.12. It took two weeks but on Friday, before I left for Berlin, I received my confirmation and I was able to book an appointment for the 29th.

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