Thursday, December 30, 2021


Šťastný nový rok!  

Happy New Year!  

PF 2022 

It's hard to believe that another year has come and gone.  Since 2009, I always visited at least one new country a year but that streak ended in 2019 because, due to Covid restrictions, my trip to Vietnam and Cambodia was cancelled.

This year I only managed to visit Germany and Poland.  I didn't even make it to Slovakia this year and I had been to Slovakia every year since I moved to Czechland.

Fingers crossed that I've have a few more travel adventures in 2022.  Although, it may be harder with only 8 public holidays next year.

A couple of things that will be interesting in 2022 have to do with the Czech government.  First of all, there's a new prime minister.  Then in July, Czech Republic takes over six-month rotating presidency of the EU Council

Tonight the boys are coming over for a few drinks.  Sort of a pre-Silvestr get together.  But nothing for me to drink tonight since I received my booster yesterday.  Tomorrow night is a New Year's karaoke party at the cottage.

From yesterday until 2 January, there are new tighter Covid restrictions in place.

  • There's a maximum of 50 people allowed at indoor parties
  • Only people who have a first vaccination or those who've recovered in the past six months are allowed in restaurants, dance clubs, etc., with a maximum of four people at a table.
  • Cultural events where people are seated can have a maximum of 1000 participants.  However, events where people mingle can only be up to 100 people.
  • The good news is that bars and restaurants don't have to close by 10 pm and there's no longer a ban on drinking in public.

Update:  It was great catching up with the boys last night.  

Martin, Vilém, Martin, and me.

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