Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Vaccine Appointment

Vaccines are rolling out here in Czechland.  As of 5 May, people aged 50 - 54 could register online to receive their first shot.  As of today, people over 45 could register online.  It's only a couple of months before I turn 50 so I've tried to register last week but the system would not allow it.

However, I tried last night, and the system let me book an appointment for this Saturday at 10 am. 

You must have a mobile phone in order to register online.  The website is available in Czech, English, and Vietnamese.

You enter in your mobile number and then wait a few minutes to receive a security code.  After you get the code you log in with your name and social insurance number.  Assuming that you're meet the registration age criteria you then get to select the vaccination site where you want to get the shot.  You don't get to choose which of the vaccines you want; only the location where it will be administered.  I received a message that I would receive a PIN code to book the day and time of the vaccine but that it could take up to a few weeks depending on the location's availability.

About an hour later I received the PIN and went online.  Yeah!  So let's see which flavour of vaccine I get on Saturday.

Restrictions loosed up a little this week.  As of Monday, retail and most services reopened.  Respirators are no longer required outside unless you are in a large crowd.  They still need to be worn inside and on public transportation.

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