Sunday, June 19, 2022

My Second Kyndryl Business Trip

Following the Pet Shop Boys concert in Berlin on Saturday night, I was back in Brno on Sunday, because on Monday I had to go to back to Frankfurt for my second Kyndryl Business trip.  It looks like I should be here more or less quarterly. 

It was a good trip but there were some very long days.  A group of us did manage to make it in to the city one night for dinner and to check out a bit of the old town. 

Just as there are lots of differences in how English is spoken, German has the same thing.  Only maybe more.  Hessisch is the local German dialect spoken around here.  Fortunately my Hochdeutsch works here but I guess I need to pick up a little of the local lingo.  There is some specific local vocabulary but in general, a lot of the hard sounds become softer.

"auf" becomes "uff"

"P" gets pronounced more like "B"

-ig sounds like -isch

I'm sure that there's more to it.  I doubt that I'll ever blend in like a local.  Berliners usually think that I come from the south due to my accent and vocabulary.

While I was in Frankfurt, Natalie managed to get the weekend off wanted to get up to Berlin to see Claudia and Tünde before she had to return to Wellington.  I already had a Nat visit but one visit is never enough and we decided to surprise Tünde with a double godparent visit. 

On the way to Vienna

On Friday I had a train trip back to Brno via Vienna.  Natalie booked a sleeper train from Budapest to Berlin.  I got home, unpacked, showered, repacked and jumped on another train so that I could meet up with her in Břeclav.  The only glitch is that her train ended up being delayed almost three hours.  

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