Thursday, June 9, 2022

My New Sofa

The old sofa

My new sofa arrived yesterday.  I liked my old couch, which was huge, but the leather had started to crack and was just a mess.  I just wanted the old one gone and I didn't have the time to list it on Facebook for whomever wanted to come take it away for free.  

The leather was shot

Technically, the delivery guys would take away the old sofa but it needed to be on the street.  However, when I was contacted for delivery the dispatcher agreed that it wouldn't be a problem for the guys to remove the couch from my flat.  The delivery guys were great.

My old sofa broke was a four-piece unit and the new one is three pieces.  My old sofa was a bit larger and the centre section could sit three people whereas the new sofa can accommodate two people sitting in the centre.

However, the new sofa has a pull out bed so I've got another spot of guests to sleep over.  And the best part is that both side sections come with some much needed storage. 

There definitely won't be any kids jumping on Uncle CJ's new couch this Czechsgiving.

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