Wednesday, October 6, 2021

My New Driver's License

My new driver's licenseI applied to renew my driver's license in August, coincidentally, on the very same day that my my old license expired.  It was surprisingly easy.  I had an appointment, showed my old license, signed some documents, and that was it.  I didn't need to take a new photo and it didn't cost anything.  I was given a piece of paper that said I applied for my renewal on 17.8., and I was told that my new license might be ready for pickup in two weeks but definitely within four weeks.  I would just need to make an appointment to pick it up.  

I wasn't really worried about how long it would take to get my new license.  It's not like I need it to ride the tram.  Since I knew that I'd be in Germany last week I had scheduled an appointment for yesterday.  

Again, it was very easy.  When I made my appointment online I was given a four-digit PIN that I entered today when I arrived.  I waited to be called up to the window where the clerk took my old license and gave me my new one.  I didn't need to pay anything and I was in and out of the place in ten minutes.  Awesome!

My old driver's license
I did like my old license better.  Well, at least the photo was better.  For my new license they automatically used the photo they had in the system from the last time I was here to renew my ID, when I had my good experience at the Foreign Police.  The old license also had a second photo in the bottom right corner but my new license doesn't have it.

With my new license I'm legal to drive here for another ten years.

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