Monday, March 21, 2016

A Good Interior Ministry Story

A few weeks ago I had to go to the Interior Ministry to apply for a new ID card since I have a new address.  Everything went fine and I actually managed to do everything in Czech.

Today I had an appointment to go pick up my card.  I was given my new card but noticed that the card had the incorrect address printed on it.  It was neither my old address or the new address.  I explained to the clerk that it wasn't correct and of course she didn't believe me.  She looked at her computer screen and said it was correct.  Again, I said that it wasn't my address.  She pulled out my paperwork and saw that I was correct; they printed the wrong address.  She asked me to wait out in the hallway while she spoke to her colleague.

About five minutes later, the original clerk from a few weeks ago came out and apologised to me.  I'm not sure what was a bigger shock, the fact that she apologised or that all of a sudden she could speak English.

Mistakes do happen and this really wasn't that big of a deal.  Yet she continued to apologise over and over.  She explained that they would correct the mistake and that I would not have to pay for the additional replacement card.  The drawback was that I would need to redo my biometrics and pick up the new card in a couple of weeks.

She then escorted me to the front of the line so that I would not have to queue up for the biometrics.  Wow!!  The Interior Ministry spoke English, was nice and polite, and apologised that a mistake was made.  Wow!!

It was a great but now I'm scared that Hell has frozen over and that I will see pigs fly.  A mate suggested that I should have quickly bought some some lottery tickets before my luck ran out.

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