Saturday, March 12, 2016

Vienna Museum of Military History

The last time we went to Vienna right before Christmas we said that the next time we would visit the Military History Museum.  So we went on Friday and to meet up with Katka and Steve to see their new baby.

While we were there, there was a Go Modeling exhibition going on by the International Plastic Modellers Society Austria.  This annual event shows off true scale models of historic military vehicles, aircraft and ships.

The museum is quite interesting and done well.  It was established in 1869 during the Austro-Hungarian Empire and shows the history of Austrian military affairs.  There are eight main exhibition halls showing various weapons, uniforms, flags, paintings, medals, photographs, documents and models.  

Hall I - From the Thirty Years' War to Prince Eugene (16th century - 1700)
Hall II - Spanish War of Succession and Maria Theresa Hall (1701 - 1789)
Hall III - Hall of Revolutions (1789 - 1848)
Hall IV - Field Marshal Radetzky and his era (1848 - 1866)
Hall V - Franz Joseph Hall and Sarajevo (1867 - 1914)

Hall V has a separate bay dedicated to the Assassination at Sarajevo which lit the fuse for WWI.  They even have the car on display in which the Archduke and his wife were murdered in on d28 June 1914.

Hall VI - World War I and the end of the Habsburg Monarchy (1914 - 1918)
Hall VII - Republic and Dictatorship (1918 - 1955)
Hall VIII - Austria as a naval power

The train from Brno to Vienna is only 1,5 hours.  Austria is right next door to Czechland.

Though I'm still not sure why CNN confuses Austria and Australia.

There are no kangaroos in Austria.

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