Sunday, April 11, 2021

My Exams

I finally took my exams today after they'd been cancelled twice due to Covid-19.  I've gotta' say that I'm not feeling great about it.  So here's how things went.

The exams were given by ÚJOP UK which is the Institute of Language and Vocational Training of Charles University.  I got there a bit early and waited for them to call my name.  I had to show my passport, my negative Covid test and they took my temperature.

I was in a group of seven people.  There was me (American), two Russian girls, a Romanian woman, a Ukrainian guy, an Arab guy, and a chap who I think may have been either Serbian or Bosian.  We all went upstairs and one by one we had to show our passports and permanent residency ID to the Czech Police who marked our names off of a list.  After I the police check, I had to take two steps and show my passport to a girl who marked my name off of another list.  I was given a red wrist band and a piece of paper with bar code stickers.  I then went to the testing room.

In the room I sat at the assigned desk.  Pencils and erasers were provided.  We were allowed to have a bottle of water and that was it.  We had to remove our watches and definitely no mobile phones.  Before we began the exams, a police officer came in check our passports.  Then the test administrator checked our bar codes.  The first test given was the Czech Citizenship test.  The exam was 30 questions in 30 minutes.  I know that I aced it.  I finished the exam in about 10 minutes.  Definitely a good start.  

There was one room where we were allowed to go to in between exams.  No one was allowed to leave the building.  Smokers were not allowed to go outside for a cigarette.  After a short break it was then time to take the B1 language test.

First up was the reading comprehension test which lasted 50 minutes.  This didn't go so well.  Or at least I don't think that I did very well.  After the exam we had a short break in the one room we could go relax in and then it was back to the room for the next test.

A police office came in and checked our passports.  The administrator then checked our bar codes.  Next up was the listening comprehension test.  We had to listen to recordings and then answer questions for 30 minutes.  It sucked!  This part of the exam really did not go well.     

Then a short break followed by another passport check and another bar code check.  Next was the written exam which lasted for an hour.  I think that I did ok on this part but we'll see.

After this we were released and could leave the building.  I had 90 minutes before I had to be back for the speaking test.  I went back to my hotel for a break.  I was feeling thoroughly defeated.  I'd waited for a year to take this exam and I had bombed it.  I went back for the speaking test which was the final section.  I was paired with the Romanian woman.  We had entered the testing room and had our IDs checked again. The speaking test lasted for about 15 minutes.  Each of us had to introduce ourselves and give a bit of background information.  I was given the choice of taking about either shopping or employment.  I chose shopping and they showed me a photograph and I had to talk about it.

Then we were given the topic to plan a trip so we had to do a role play.  After 15 minutes we were told that the test is over.  We can check our results online in 30 days.  I know that I bombed the reading and listening parts of the test.  The speaking could have gone better but we'll see.  I have friends who have passed this test and everyone has told me that they were sure they had failed but ended up passing in the end.  I hope that this is the case but I'm pretty sure that I failed it.  Now all I can do is wait a month for the results and let's see when I will be able to schedule a do-over.  At least I got a trip to Prague out of this.

Update: Exam results.

Update:  I received my certificate for passing the citizenship test.

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