Thursday, April 1, 2021

Postage Price Increases

Česká pošta increased prices for some services today.  The price changes are mainly for registered letters, insured letters, and for money orders.  Prices didn't change for regular domestic letters or packages.

Doporučené psaní (registered letters) and cenné psaní (insured letters) up to 50 grams both increase 5 Kč (23¢).  Registered economy now costs 52 Kč ($2.40) and priority is 59 Kč ($2.73).  Insured letters are now 57 Kč ($2.64).

Normal domestic letters and post cards remain 19 Kč (88¢) for economy and 26 Kč ($1.20) for priority.  

A small package, up to 35 cm, is 89 Kč ($4.12) for economy and 99 Kč ($4.58) for priority.

There are four different types of postal money orders and they all increased 5 Kč for money orders up to 5.000 Kč ($231.19).  There are higher fees for higher value money orders.

Type A lets someone transfer the amount to a Czech bank account.  This costs 44 Kč ($2.03).

Type B lets someone send money from an account to be delivered in cash.  This costs 35 Kč ($1.62).

Type C lets someone pay in cash and have cash delivered.  This costs 53 Kč ($2.45).

Type D is a cash transfer in one working day and it costs 112 Kč ($5.18).

I don't know if it's due to Brexit but economy class is no longer available for packages going to the UK.

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