Friday, April 30, 2021

Jsme fér

Jsme fér (We are fair) is a coalition of non-profit organisations that started in 2017 and campaigns for same-sex marriage here in Czechland.  It is made up of Amnesty International Czech Republic, Logos Czech Republic, Mezipatra, PROUD, Prague Pride, and Queer Geography.

The Equal Marriage Bill was introduced to the Parliament in November 2018 but it has continued to stall for years.  As of yesterday it was finally put to a vote that begins the legislative process.  This is great news but I doubt anything will happen before the next parliamentary elections in October 2021.

Czechland was the first post-Iron Curtain country to provide any sort of legislative protection for gays when it allowed for registered partnerships back in 2006.  While this was an important step it is not the same thing as marriage.  There are more than 100 legal differences that exist between marriage and registered partnerships.

The promising thing is that support for equal marriage has increased dramatically over the years with currently about 67% of the country in favour of it.

Personally I think it would be great for Czechland to become the first post-Communist country to have equal marriage.  Once behind the Iron Curtain, the nation can be the first to break from the "Rainbow Curtain" and join the 16 other European countries that have equal marriage.

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