Monday, April 5, 2021

Easter 2021

Due to Covid-19 this is the second Easter in a row that hasn't happened.  Technically, shops should not even be selling Easter decorations because they don't fall under the exempt, necessary products that stores should be selling now.  Although I have seen a few decorations for sale here and there.  But definitely no Easter markets this year.

At Náměstí svobody the giant Easter egg was back but that's it.  It was made by Croatian artists and donated to Brno in 2018 and has been on display ever since.

Boží hod velikonoční is Easter Sunday.  Lamb is the traditional food served at Easter.  However, in the past, most Czechs and Slovaks couldn't afford lamb.  

So instead the tradition became to enjoy beránek which is a lamb-shaped cake.  Beránek is basically a pound cake and it is usually covered with powdered (icing) sugar or sometimes with chocolate icing.

I'm pretty sure that the lamb cake is popular throughout most of Central Europe.

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