Friday, July 2, 2021

I passed!

I passed!  Happy happy joy joy I passed.  What a relief that I passed my B1 Czech language exam on the second try.  The results are supposed to be available 30 days after the exam.  I took the exam on 4. June and with the 5th and 6th of July being public holidays I figured that I would not get the results until next week.  Obviously I was quite happy that they were available today and even more so because I passed.

When you don't pass the exam, they provide you with the breakdown of your scores in the four areas.  However, when you pass all they tell you is that you passed.  No scores are given.  

I wrote an e-mail to ÚJOP asking for my scores and they replied back with my marks.  Overall I did better this time than I did last time.  My overall score last time was 61% and this time I scored 65,5%.  

On the the reading comprehension I scored 80% which was way better then the 68% I received last time.

On the written section I scored 60% again.  Right on the border but I'll take it.

I didn't do as well on the speaking section as I did before.  Last time I scored 76% and this time I dropped to 70%.

It was the listening comprehension that did me in last time.  Previously I only scored 40% but this time I scored 65%.  I got 13 questions right which is exactly what I needed to pass this portion of the exam.  Had I missed just one more question then I would need to take the exam for a third time.  Oh the shame if I had to take it a third time.  

I still say that the listening comprehension portion of the exam is unnecessarily difficult.  It is more of a short-term memorisation exercise than anything else.  But it's over and done with.  I should receive my certificate in a couple of weeks.  Now I can start thinking about all of the paperwork I need in order to apply for Czech citizenship.

Update:  I received my certificate on my birthday!

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