Wednesday, November 27, 2013

World's Sexiest Accents

CNN Travel has released its poll of the world's 12 sexiest accents.  I don't think that this was exactly scientific but it was an interesting read.

I thought it was funny that "U.S. Southern" made the list at #8.  It was described as "molasses taking a smoke break."  There are lots of different southern accents.  People from Texas, South Carolina, Alabama, and Atlanta don't sound alike.

One day at work, my colleagues asked me to speak with my southern accent all day.  They got a big kick out of it.  Of course, after about 10 minutes they asked me to stop.

Somehow Czech was ranked the 4th most sexiest accent.  Seriously? 

Czech was described "like Russian, without the nettlesome history of brutal, iron-fisted despotism" and that it sounds like Count Dracula.

Czechs sound nothing like Count Dracula.  It's Hungarian that makes people sound like vampires.

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