Sunday, November 3, 2013

Tünde's Christening

© Tomáš Donát
Yesterday was Tünde's christening.  The ceremony was held at the Bethlehem Evangelical church.  Actually it was just one of the many of the week's events.

Still trying to teach her the peace sign

Claudia's parents came down from Berlin and stayed almost a week with me.  It's about time considering how many times I've been to their place.

The proud parents
Norbert's parents drove up from Hungary.  This was the first time that Claudia's parents and Norbert's parents have met each other.  Poor Norbert had to do all of the interpreting because he's the only one who can speak both Hungarian and German.  

The Happy Godparents
The ceremony was a little challenging to follow.  It was done almost entirely in Hungarian.  With a short reading done in both German and English.  Natalie and I were trying to figure out what we were supposed to do at what time.

© Tomáš Donát
Afterwards, there was a reception where we had Claudia's 30th and my 40th at.

Official paperwork

Later on we had to sign the official paperwork for the Hungarian Protestant Church.  Our little German-Hungarian princess officially has a New Zealand godmother and an American godfather.

This morning's farewell brunch was the last of the festivities.  Everyone piled in to their cars and headed back home.

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