Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Care Package Happiness

As an expat, receiving a care package from home is total happiness.  Today I received a box of Thanksgiving goodies.  Thank you Steven and Michael!!

And just in time.  I can't believe this will be the 5th annual Brno Thanksgiving fiesta.  This year it is officially a destination event.  Liz and James are flying over from England.  Eiko is flying down from Sweden.  Natalie flies back from New Zealand to London, changes out her luggage and catches a flight to Czechland.  And one of my mates, Brian from Florida, is in Euroland for a couple of weeks and he will make it to Brno in time for dinner.

The turkey is already ordered.  Let's see what kind of adventure it turns in to this year.

I'm just waiting on one more package from home to be delivered.  The only thing that would make these packages better is if they were hand delivered.

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