Friday, November 1, 2013

Smurfy Halloween

Vilma as Smurfette
Yesterday was Halloween.  I made a passing suggestion a couple of weeks ago that my former management team should come up with a group costume.  Something fun like the Smurfs.   Over here in Czechland they are known as Šmoulové.

Well the gang decided go for it but somehow decided that I had to participate as well.  I tried to argue that I should be exempt since I'm no longer a part of the team.  They didn't seem to go for it.

Before the blue latex
Martin came up with blue latex paint.  Martina came up with hats and gloves.  Somehow I ended up as Papa Smurf.

Martin & Andrew

In the USA, kids dress up and receive candy.  Here, we dressed up and gave out candy to our teams. 

Passing out candy

It was fun surprising everyone with candy at work.

The biggest challenge was getting rid of the blue face paint.

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