Monday, September 2, 2013

Olomouc Fountains

Olomouc is well known for its six Baroque fountains.  I've been to Olomouc lots of times but it's always been in winter so this was the first time I've actually seen them with water. 

Legend has it that Olomouc was founded by Julius Caesar.  This isn't true but it does explain why the Caesar Fountain is the largest in the city.  The fountain was built in 1725.

The Hercules Fountain was created in 1687 - 1688.  It depicts Hercules, dressed in lion skins, killing the Hydra.

The Jupiter Fountain was built in 1707.  Originally there was a statue of St. Florin in the basin.  In 1735, it was replaced by the statue of the Roman god.

The Triton Fountain is at Náměstí Republiky.  This fountain was built in 1709 and was moved to its present location in 1880.

The Neptune Fountain was completed in 1863.  This is the oldest fountain in the city.

The Mercury Fountain is considered the most artistic of the fountains.  It dates back to 1727.

In 2002, the modern Arion Fountain with a turtle and dolphin was added to the city's collection.

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