Wednesday, September 18, 2013


BESIP is the Czech Road Safety Department.  It's a part of the Ministry of Transport and is responsible for road safety.

It was recently announced that they will distribute an English-language leaflet to acquaint foreigners with the local traffic rules.  Apparently there is a rising number of road accidents caused by foreigners.

Czech toll road network
The funny thing is that the foreigners with the highest number of accidents here are Slovaks.  Followed by Ukrainians and then Germans.  Not quite sure why they decided to print the leaflets in English but OK.  Besides, aren't the traffic rules in Slovakia pretty dang close to the rules here in Czechland?

The leaflets will be available at gas stations, hotels and on the BESIP website.  Here's a link to the rules.  I really wish I had this when I was taking driving lessons and studying for my Czech driver's license

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