Saturday, September 7, 2013

2013 Berlin Music Festival

I've been wanting to see the Pet Shop Boys, live in concert, for over 25 years.  It's just never worked out before.  They came to town when I was out of town.  They came to Atlanta one week after I moved to Europe.  They played at Brandenburg Gate, in Berlin, last year for New Year's Eve.  Of course, I was the manager on-duty in Brno last year so that wasn't going to happen.  Dang it!

Luckily, Claudia let me know that they were going to perform at this year's Berlin Music Festival.  A one-day pass was only €50 ($68).  Since the ticket was so cheap, and they were part of this festival, I figured that they would play three or four songs only.  At least I would finally get to see them. 

The festival took place at Templehof Airport.  Templehof was the airport used by the U.S. during the Berlin Airlift.  It's no longer a functioning commercial airport.  Using the arrivals/departures board to display the program was a nice touch.

The Pet Shop Boys are an English duo known for their electronic pop style.  They have sold over 50 million records worldwide.  The Guinness Book of Records has them listed as the most successful duo in UK music history.  I've been a big fan ever since they released their first song, West End Girls, back in 1985.

I was so wrong about the three or four songs only thing.  This was a right proper show and it was amazing.  Absolutely brilliant!!  These boys put on one heck of a performance.  Since there was no seating I was able to work my way right up to the front.  Now I can't wait to see them again.  Here's a short video I took of last night's show.

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