Monday, September 9, 2013

Altes Fischerdorf Rahnsdorf, Germany

Bottle time with Tünde
Claudia, Norbert and Tünde just happened to be in Berlin this past weekend.  So on Saturday morning, after the Pet Shop Boys concert, I took the train out to her parent's place in Rahnsdorf to spend the rest of the weekend. 

A few of Claudia's friends from Berlin also stopped by to see the baby.  It was nice and relaxing just to hang out with everyone. 

On Sunday afternoon, we took a 20 minute walk over to Altes Fischerdorf Rahnsdorf which is Rahnsdorf's old fishing village. 

The old fishing village is off one of the main roads.  The first fishermen were here in the Middle Ages. 

In the center of the village is the town's oldest church.  Construction on the Evangelical church began in 1886 and it was consecrated in 1888.  This was the church where Claudia was baptized at.

The village is on the Müggelsee.  It is a very popular spot in the summer.

It's also a great place to come for some freshly smoked fish. 

This is also home to Berlin's only "muscle powered" ferry across the water.

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