Saturday, November 3, 2012

Laser Tag Team Building #1

Last night was another great team building evening.  One of the new project managers on my IGA team decided to plan a two-part event.  The first part was an hour of laser tag.  I thought it would be fun but I had no idea of just how much fun it would be.

We broke up in to 5-person teams.  Two teams competed at a time in 10-minute intervals.  The indoor course is dark with smoke so you need to be careful not to shoot your own team mate(s).

It does require a bit of strategy and, of course, we were pretty competitive.  I kind of figured that people would be gunning for me.  Who doesn't want to shoot the boss, right?

But hey, my group did pretty well.  We won 3 of our 4 matches and I never finished lower than 4th place in any of my rounds.  You really do get a work out running around.

You've got to love how we spent an hour hunting each other down and afterwards we're all like "peace".  This was a blast.  Which is a good thing because the Alps team is planning their own laser tag event in a couple of weeks. 

Again, this was the first part of a two-part event.  After this we headed off to our first silent disco.

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