Wednesday, November 7, 2012

2012 Election Results

So two things happened today.  The first was that I woke up to find out that President Obama won the election in the USA.  This was my first presidential election experience as an expat.  I honestly feel that if you don't vote then you have to shut the f#@k up for the next four years.  So I made sure to get my absentee ballot in.

I've got to say that it was kind of nice to just wake up and see the results on CNN International.  None of the normal up, to the wee hours of the morning, watching the election analysis.  Just go to sleep and wake up to the news.  Very nice.

It was funny at work today with many people coming up to me asking if I won the election.  Yes, my vote is the one that put us over.  Living overseas does open up your eyes to the world outside of the USA.  You get an appreciation for a different view of things.  Not better, not worse, just different.  But this time, I have to laugh at some people.  I've read and seen some news clips of a few individuals whose candidate didn't win the election and how they will leave the USA.  Of course, it is only a few nut jobs; not all Republicans.  They plan to leave the USA because President Obama is turning the country socialist.

So, people who are upset about national healthcare want to move to Europe or Canada.  Places that both have national healthcare.  They want a more conservative government.  Well Canada's conservatives tend to be more liberal than American liberals.

These same people who are up in arms about immigration just want to pick up and move to Europe.  I'm not sure why these people think that Europe will welcome them with open arms.  Schengen rules only allow for Americans to stay up to 90 days every six months.  Besides that, most Americans can't speak anything other than English which makes it pretty difficult to just pick up and start a new life over here.  

I've even heard where people say they will go to New Zealand where they can be free - until they realize that New Zealand will not let them bring their guns.

What about me?  I live overseas.  Well, yes I do.  But I came over here because of my job.  It's not that I was fleeing the country.

So enough about the election.  One, that's results I am totally happy with by the way.  There were two things that happened today.  The second thing was that apparently I'm everywhere


  1. Hi Christopher - I enjoyed this post very much as you rightly point out the absudity of some right-wing Republicans who want to leave the country because of the Presidential election result. The points you make almost exactly echo those I made in a recent post on the same subject.

    PS I enjoy your blog very much & will try to leave a comment more frequently in future.

  2. Hi, thanks for the feedback and link to your blog. I guess great minds do think alike. =)