Sunday, November 4, 2012

Silent Disco

After laser tag we headed off to the second part of our team building evening - silent disco.  Here's the deal.  There are two laundromats in Brno and they are both pubs.  So basically you can have a beer and smoke while you wait for your clothes. 

It's interesting but it doesn't make sense to me because everything would come out smelling like smoke but whatever.  One of the two places is called Club Wash which has a big room in the back where they often show movies, have quiz nights, host Couchsurfing meetings, etc.  Well on Friday nights they have silent disco.

There are two DJs who compete for listeners but there is no speaker system.  Everyone wears wireless headphones.  Each person can set his or her own volume and flip between the DJs.  There is a light on each headset that shines either blue or green so everyone can tell which DJ you are listening to.  This thing was absolutely brilliant!

If you want to talk to someone you just take off the headset.  it was really fun to watch people just tearing it up on the dance floor in silence. 

You could see people dancing with each other but you could tell that they weren't even listening to the same DJ.

Sometimes people would forget that not everyone was listening to music so they would speak loudly but a simple reminder is all it took to have a normal conversation with someone.  This was definitely another first for me and it was a blast.  

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