Sunday, November 25, 2012


This morning I was invited over for breakfast with friends.  I was in charge of bringing over some juice.  When I went to the market, I decided against the usual flavors - orange, apple, grape, pineapple, or grapefruit juice.  I didn't even get multivitamin juice which is my favorite.  

As I was looking at the shelves I decided to mix things up a bit.  I went with apricot juice, strawberry juice, peach juice, pear juice and sour cherry juice.  I'm still reluctant to try the banana juice because I just can't imagine how exactly they juice a banana.

I've noticed that many Czechs mix juice with water.  Some have told me it is because the juice is too strong if you drink it without water.  I think it's really because they've always drunk it with water so they don't know what juice is really supposed to taste like.  Friends have told me that back in the days of communism, you had to make things last as long as possible which is why people put in just enough juice to flavor up the tap water.

Another popular thing over here is flavored syrup.  You mix a small bit with some water and you have a fruit flavored beverage.  The syrup isn't bad but given a choice I'll stick to real juice.


  1. Oh well, everything which is different from the foreigner's country is because of our commmunist past...

    Actually, I know how juice tastes. I was born just before the Velvet Revolution and I add water to juice. My parents who spent most of their lives during the communist era like their juice without water... So where is the causal link?

    The reason why I add water to my juice? It's just too sweet for me and I watch the calories as well :-)


    1. Hi Šarka,

      Thanks for you comments. I don't think that everything different I see here is only because of the communist past. This was actually brought up to me by Czechs.

      So while it may, or may not, have anything to with communism, I do find it interesting that so many people here cut their juice with water. I don't believe I ever saw anyone in the USA do it. Not right or wrong but different for sure.


  2. It is always very interesting to me that American people living in other countries can never help to talk about whatever they do not have and compare everything all the time. This can be quite annoying for the locals as well as assuming reasons for what they see different.. Just an observation :-)

  3. I suppose it is all how you look at things. I think that the differences are what helps keep things interesting. Many of my Czech friends kind of like seeing their country from another perspective and people back home need to realize that not everything is the same as in the USA. I don't think that the comparison is only an American thing. I've read many expats blogs of people who are now in the USA and they also write about the differences between the USA and their home countries.